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What is CFD Trading?

CFD trading is a method of trading in which an individual engages in a contract with a CFD broker, rather than purchasing the underlying asset directly.

For example when trading a “CFD” you don’t ever own the underlying asset meaning you’re never left holding the assets themselves. In crypto this means you don’t require multiple crypto currency wallets and you avoid paying blockchain fees on crypto transfers.  

When trading forex you’re not holding the currency itself, rather the CFD, meaning you can focus on the price action of the trades you're making to focus on profiting from your chosen strategy.

Why trade CFDs?

Leverage for Greater Exposure

Using CFDs enables you to trade assets with leverage. For example TradeNext can offer up to 500:1 leverage when trading Forex. Leverage enables you to gain greater exposure while using less capital.

Diversification is Easy

As you’re not holding multiple wallets and currencies, you can focus on trading a variety of assets to focus on making profit from your trades.

Go Long or short

Simply put, if you think the price of an asset is going to go down, you can trade on it. Equally if you believe a price is going to rise, you can trade on that. This enables you to make quick movements to take advantage of all market movements.

CFD trading is the most popular way for online investors to trade a range of instruments such as forex, commodities, indices, currencies, and stocks.

CFD trading offers greater flexibility than traditional trading because it lets you access a wide range of markets quickly and easily without the need to hold each asset, it offers leverage trading, short selling, and more.

TradeNext CFD Trading Features

TradeNext is a fully licensed and regulated online broker.

TradeNext has access to a large liquidity pool.

Leverage up to 500:1 on a wide range of assets.

Trade a huge range of currency pairs, US stocks, commodities and crypto currencies.

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Dedicated customer service and a customer support center.

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