How can you participate in our New Year Bonanza ? It’s easy!

Have a verified TradeNext account

Deposit at least 100 USD and start trading

Receive your gift!

At the end of the promotion (February 17th) we will send you a gift based on the qualification level you reached. The more you deposit and trade, the more valuable the gift!


These amazing gifts could be on their way to you:


Deposit (USD)

USD notional trade value

Gift option 1

Gift option 2

Level 1 100 1,000,000  T-Shirt Cup
Level 2 250 2,500,000  Pen Mobile stand
Level 3  500 5,000,000  Earbuds Backpack
Level 4 1,000 10,000,000  Headphones Google play gift voucher
Level 5 5,000 50,000,000  Bluetooth speaker Drone camera
Level 6 10,000 100,000,000  Smartwatch Tablet
Level 7 20,000 200,000,000  Smartphone Playstation 5
Level 8 30,000 300,000,000  Laptop Travel gift voucher
Level 9 50,000 500,000,000  Trip to Bali HD smart TV
Level 10 75,000 750,000,000  Motorbike Gaming computer
Level MAX 100,000 1,000,000,000  Swiss watch High-end Macbook



You are also able to opt for a cash prize.

*Actual gift is subject to availability and may be replaced with alternative gift of similar value

Traders will be contacted directly about claiming their gifts. Please make sure you provide accurate contact details.

For more information on the lottery please see our Terms and Conditions.

If you have any questions regarding this promotion, please contact us at


TradeNext New Year Bonanza promotion Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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